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We help our clients start, sustain, and grow their businesses.

Our clients range from multibillion-dollar enterprises to bootstrapping entrepreneurs. We apply the same principles and value-driven approach to every product. At Camber Creative, there's no such thing as a "second class" experience.
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Connecting foodie friends and influencers to get the perfect restaurant recommendation.
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Turning mindful breathing into beautiful sound and music for meditation, relaxation, and focus.
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Increasing sales and reducing lead follow up time with intelligent automation.
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Reimagining the first responder emergency dispatch experience for the modern smartphone.
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Crafting a digital photo marketing activation platform for the biggest brands in the world.
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Using Microsoft Enterprise Services to redistribute a large healthcare workforce to handle COVID-19 surges.
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Improving pharmacy patient self-service for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S.
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Engagement Models

Exactly what you need, right when you need it.

One size doesn't fit all, so we offer a range of flexible engagement models to fit the needs of nearly any situation.

Full-Service Project Team

As your Full-Service Project Team, we are your end-to-end product team on a project-to-project basis. This model works great when you have internal development and marketing teams who can take over the product long-term, but you need an all-expert team on a short-term basis to supercharge your delivery.

Portfolio Partner

As your Portfolio Partner, we are your long-term, all-inclusive team for every stage of the product lifecycle. You'll have a dedicated team building, improving, and growing your full portfolio of digital products, usually over the course of several years. Think of us your company's best-performing department.

Team Augmentation

For those times you need to add a subject matter expert or two to an existing, high-performing internal team, we offer a team augmentation model. Every engagement comes with a Camber leadership sponsor to keep familiarity with your new team member's work and ensure ongoing progress and satisfaction.

Client Satisfaction

We're all about relationships and results.

It's R&R, but not the kind you're thinking. We don't just bring on projects, we bring on relationships. And we work hard to create the great results which make them last.
"I haven't found another team that can deliver like Camber. The ROI is consistently great."
“Camber has been instrumental in our project successes. The business outcomes are terrific.”
“I haven’t found another team that can deliver like Camber Creative. The ROI on their work has been consistently great.”
Founder, Style Me Pretty
“Camber Creative have helped us tremendously. They have phenomenal expertise. You can expect a deep talent pool and a modern ecosystem.”
Director of Enterprise Development, AdventHealth
“They’re the best people I’ve met with these skills. Their extensive development experience is showcased in a reliable and intuitive product.”
Co-Founder & CTO, InvestorFuse
“Other companies couldn’t match up to Camber Creative. They’re honest, high integrity, and developed our app successfully and under budget.”
Co-Founder, FitFlo
"If you want to be around good people, choose Camber."
Founder, BackStory
“I don't think I could have found a more reliable development partner. Expect an effective and collaborative process to deliver quality products.”
Founder, BreathPlayer
“Camber Creative significantly raised the bar of excellence for our online presence. I’m extremely pleased with their approach and our end product.”
President, Presbyterian Home for Children
"Camber's organization and project management are the most impressive I've ever seen."
Co-Founder, Unmanned Safety Institute

Building your digital products should feel this good.

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