Sprints & Cycles

We believe that time-boxing is an effective way to plan investments and organize features that are selected for design and development. For digital products in active feature development, we time-box effort into two-week “sprints” and four-week “cycles” comprising strategy, design, building, testing, and release.

We understand the importance of delivering high-quality products to our clients in a timely and efficient manner. That's why we incorporate sprints and cycles into our product delivery process. Using these tools helps us break down the development process into smaller, manageable chunks, allowing us to focus on delivering small, incremental improvements over a set period of time. This not only helps us get to market faster but also allows us to continuously test and learn, leading to a higher chance of success.

A sketch-style drawing illustrates four primary areas of digital product subject matter expertise, and visualizes how each one's level of effort grows and shrinks over the course of a four-week development "cycle" comprising two, two-week "sprints." The first subject matter is labeled "Strategy," and is shown starting at it's highest point at the beginning of the left-to-right time graph, and steadily declining to its lowest point at the end of the graph. The second subject matter is labeled "UX/UI," and is shown quickly growing to its highest it's highest point in the first half of the graph, then quickly scaling back down to its lowest point at the start of the second half of the graph. The third subject matter is labeled, "Engineering," and its graph starts at 0 and peaks after the prior subject matter around the middle of the graph, then slowly descends back to 0 by the end of the graph. The fourth and final subject matter is labeled, "Testing + Release," and its graph starts at 0 and accelerates to a peak after the peak of the prior subject matter, towards the end of the graph, and drops off more suddenly at the end of the graph, rather than gradually like the others.
Camber Sprints & Cycles

Incorporating sprints and cycles into our process also provides a structure for us to plan, prioritize, and track our progress. It enables us to work collaboratively with our clients, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the entire development process. This leads to better alignment between our team and the client, leading to an overall improved product. With the use of sprints and cycles, we can ensure that we are delivering the best possible product to our clients, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Accelerate Product Delivery with the Efficacy of Sprint and Cycles


Sprints are a key component of agile product delivery methodologies, and are typically short, time-boxed periods of work, lasting anywhere from one to four weeks. At Camber, the typical sprint is 2-weeks but will be customized based on your project.  Each sprint builds upon the previous one to gradually develop and improve the product. The cycle of sprints allows for continuous testing, learning, and adjustment to the product, leading to faster time-to-market and increased chances of success. 


Cycles refer to the repetition of sprints in an agile product delivery process. A cycle typically consists of a series of sprints, with each sprint building upon the previous one to gradually develop and improve the product. The cycle of sprints provides a framework for teams to work in an iterative and incremental manner, delivering small, manageable pieces of functionality over a set period of time.  At Camber, each Cycle lasts 4 weeks and includes two 2-week sprints.


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