We are Camber.

Best-in-class startups, SMBs, and Enterprises alike choose Camber to create the right thing, the right way, at the right time.

Our Principles

Treat people right.

Fundamentally, we are people serving people, and the "Golden Rule" never went out of style. We believe you get back what you give, and that treating people the way that you would want to be treated is the only way to thrive.

Be autonomous & accountable.

Our team members bring mastery and purpose in their craft. We work with autonomy and take accountability for our outcomes. As Uncle Ben probably said somewhere in the multiverse, "With great autonomy comes great accountability."

Be an excellent collaborator.

Though each individual contributor works with great autonomy, what we do requires the expertise of a team. The highest performing teams–the ones who produce the best outcomes–are those comprised of excellent collaborators.

Assume positive intent.

Communication is paramount to excellent collaboration, and there are often wide gaps between what is meant, what is said, and what is understood. The most effective teams assume positive intent in every interaction.

Strive for simplicity.

Simple solutions to complex problems are hard, but when they exist, they feel inevitable. We strive to eliminate unnecessary complexity in our work. "If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter." -Blaise Pascal or Winston Churchill (depending who you ask)

"Show" is better than "tell."

Ideas are only as good as your ability to execute. The creation of something new is full of magical moments–but we believe those come from experiencing, not from merely imagining. For that reason, we're biased towards routinely producing bits of work that you can see and feel.

Deliver, and then some.

We don't take our commitments lightly. Doing what you say you will is just table stakes. Always giving your honest best effort, striving to exceed expectations, and occasionally delivering a bit of surprise and delight? That is the Camber Way.

Always be improving.

This concept is so good that the Japanese have a dedicated word for it–Kaizen. It's an "infinite game" of continuous self improvement. Even small improvements, when consistently over time, have an outsized impact on where you end up.

Don't take yourself too seriously.

Though we do serious and important work, it's okay to be lighthearted. We could all do with an occasional reminder that humanity is forever hurtling through the incomprehensible vastness of space on an imperceptibly small blue speck of dust. But don't panic (and don't forget your towel), we've got work to do!

Meet the Magic-Makers

We're thinkers, tinkerers, builders, and misfits. We do serious work... without taking ourselves too seriously.
Brice Gramm

Founder & CEO

chapel hill, nc

Carla S. Shaw

VP, Growth & Client Success

myrtle beach, sc

Ryan Smith

Director, Operations

orlando, fl

Cisco Manalo

Sr. Director, Enterprise Apps

orlando, fl

Joe Bushey

Sr. Engagement Manager

Columbia, SC

Jack Gabelmann

Engineering Manager

derry, nh

Chris Sobray

Product Manager

dallas, tx

Ricardo Leyva Seagraves

Product Manager

orlando, fl

Juan Roa

Staff Engineer

orlando, fl

Spencer Leopold

Sr. Software Engineer

philadelphia, pa

Lam Tu

Sr. Software Engineer

boston, ma

Fredrick Gabelmann

Sr. Software Engineer

austin, tx

Kevin Finley

Sr. Software Engineer

orlando, fl

Clayton Ready

Software Engineer

orlando, fl

Erik Jenks

Software Engineer

hershey, pa

Michael Brooks

Digital Marketing Strategist

philadelphia, pa

Topher DeRosia

WordPress Consultant

grand rapids, mi

Lua Lancaster


myrtle beach, sc

Kristine Gramm


chapel hill, nc

Mobile apps and websites and intranets and redesigns and...

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