Non-Profit & Government

We specialize in designing and developing consumer facing and internal web and mobile applications to streamline nonprofit and government operations.

Our team of experts designs and develops digital solutions for nonprofits to help you more efficiently and effectively achieve your organization’s mission. From product strategy and advisory support to technology maintenance and new technology development, we will help you design the suite of tools needed to communicate with your target audience, manage events, and accept donations.

Building Digital Tools for a More Compassionate World

We develop unparalleled experiences for our clients and their audiences. We have shipped products and services for nonprofit and government in the following areas and more!

  • Donor Management
  • Nonprofit Operations
  • Digital Front Door 
  • Employee Giving 
  • Websites & Web Apps
  • Grantmaking 
  • Program Management 
  • CRM & Marketing
  • Peer to Peer Giving
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software Configuration
  • Software Integration

Areas of Expertise

Build Versus Buy Assessments 

Many companies face the common conundrum — should they build a custom solution or buy a third-party product, then build upon the existing framework? This isn’t a decision to be taken lightly as it can have lasting impacts on your operational efficiency, ongoing costs, bottom line, and more. 

We have helped many clients navigate the “build vs. buy” dilemma and can help you make the right decision. Our team of experts will evaluate your needs to determine if you should build the software solution you need from scratch, configure an off-the shelf product, or leverage a hybrid approach.

Software Implementations and Integrations 

Software implementations and integrations are the cornerstone of any business. They allow you to connect your systems, create new workflows, and increase productivity. Whether it's building a new program from scratch, integrating with an existing system, or implementing new features or integrations in an existing platform, we're here to help you make it happen.

Our expert implementation and integration team can configure and implement products such as Salesforce and Blackbaud to meet your organization’s needs. We can also extend these products with custom integrations to ensure you have customized tools to improve your organizational efficiency.

Website and Mobile App Management

Websites and mobile apps are integral to helping communicate your mission and programming to your target audience. And they need to tie back into your operations tools and donor management platforms. Our non-profit product experts can help you build, implement and integrate the digital tools you need to effectively communicate your messaging, facilitate interactions with your donor base, and manage events tied to fundraising efforts. 

Data Management Solutions

Our team of experts will help you find appropriate data management solutions to manage your data, create useful data visualizations, and optimize data collection processes. Our strategic recommendations will help you keep your donor and audience data safe and secure. 

Donation Management Tools

We will help you build the organization-specific tools you need to manage your donation cycles. Our tools will enable you to effectively process donations, track incoming donations, and manage donation reporting.


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