You only get one chance at a first impression. Whether your app or website just needs a little fit-and-finish or a "down to the studs" remodel, we've got you covered.

As much as you may love your first website design, it can’t last forever. Eventually your site will need to be updated, modernized, and redesigned. A website redesign is the process through which your website is updated. During this process, your content, structure, and features are changed to bring enhanced results and improvements.  

Over time as a website or application ages it’s performance can decline. Because technology changes quickly we recommend  website redesigns  every 1.5 to 3 years to ensure your performance is optimum.. If you are making changes to your brand or rapidly growing, a redesign may be in order to optimize your website’s performance. 

Developing your website redesign 

To successfully launch a  website redesign, you will first need to craft a quality redesign strategy. Our seasoned team of marketing strategists, web designers, and project managers can assist you in creating the best strategy for your goals. Our website redesign process begins with an in-depth Product Immersion to understand your goals, target audience, and the objectives you wish to achieve with your new website. 

Our team then creates a comprehensive agile strategy and roadmap to ensure all aspects of the redesign are aligned with your vision and requirements.  Each redesign project is unique to the clients business challenges but will include some of the following steps and services. 

Product Immersion & Audit: A deep dive into your business goals, target audience, and current website to create a product plan that aligns with your vision.

Design Concept and Wireframe Creation: A visual representation of the new website design that includes layout, color scheme, typography, and overall look and feel.

Website Development: Building and coding the new website with the latest technologies, responsive design, and optimal performance to deliver a seamless user experience.

Content Architecture & Migration: Effortless migration of existing website content to the new design to ensure a smooth transition for you and your customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimizing the website's content, structure, and code to improve search engine ranking and visibility.

Testing and Launch: Thorough testing to ensure the website functions as expected, followed by a successful launch to the public.

Maintenance and Support: Ongoing support and maintenance to keep the website up-to-date and secure, with 24/7 support available to the client.

CMS Selection: we will help you select the right CMS option for you. When selecting a CMS we will explore a variety of features and capabilities like the option for headless systems, drag and drop functionality, and modern APIs. 


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