Growth Inventory & Audit

When we’re taking over or creating new digital growth campaigns, we start our Product Immersion taking stock of your existing MarTech platform, assets, and brand and analyzing your digital marketing health metrics to establish baselines, pain points, and targets for our growth efforts.

A growth marketing audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a company's growth marketing efforts, strategies, and performance. This audit provides an in-depth analysis of the company's market landscape, target audience, marketing channels, content, data and analytics, and customer experience. 

The objective of the marketing audit is to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in the company's marketing efforts, and to provide a roadmap for optimizing their marketing performance. The outcome of the growth marketing audit is a comprehensive report that includes a set of recommendations and an action plan for improving the company's marketing approach. A growth marketing audit is a valuable tool for companies looking to enhance their marketing performance and achieve their goals.

Uncover Your Marketing Potential with a Comprehensive Marketing Audit

As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of a comprehensive digital product marketing audit for our clients. Our objective is to provide a thorough evaluation of their digital marketing efforts and strategies, and identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.

During the audit process, we take the following steps:

Market research and analysis: This service includes a review of market trends, competitor analysis, and customer behavior to understand the market landscape and the target audience.

Brand audit: A comprehensive evaluation of the company's brand, including its positioning, messaging, and visual identity, ensures that it accurately reflects the company's goals and values.

Marketing strategy evaluation: Includes a review of the company's marketing plan and goals to determine their effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

Goals and Objectives Review: We assess the client's overall marketing goals and objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes to ensure that their digital marketing strategy is aligned with their business objectives.

Channel and Platform Assessment: Our team will evaluate the client's use of various digital channels, such as social media, email marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising, to determine their effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

Customer experience audit: This service includes an evaluation of the company's customer journey, from awareness to post-purchase, to determine the effectiveness of the customer experience and identify areas for improvement.

Content Analysis: This will include of review of the quality and relevance of the client's marketing content, including websites, landing pages, and blog posts, to ensure that it is engaging and aligned with their target audience.

Data and Analytics Evaluation: We review the client's data and analytics, such as web traffic and conversion rates, to identify areas for optimization and improvement.

Recommendations and Action Plan: Based on our findings, we provide comprehensive recommendations and a detailed action plan for improving the client's digital marketing approach.


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