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Camber is a leader in health technology. We develop and extend digital healthcare products that elevate public health, provider operations, and patient care.

Our clients range from disruptive start-ups to major hospital systems and represent industry leaders in health innovation and digital product development. We have successfully shipped products ranging from web and mobile applications, HIPAA compliant healthcare infrastructure, and commercial pharmacy solutions. 

“Camber demonstrated impressive technical and communication skills, and proved their status as the company’s preferred vendor.” AdventHealth 

AdventHealth CEO Terry Shaw appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation to talk about the healthcare organization’s COVID-19 response and readiness for the anticipated peak case load. Hear Mr. Shaw speak about AdventHealth’s capabilities, capacity, and plans to combat COVID-19 across their multi-state operations-including a mention of the application we built with his Digital Workplace team - in this 6 minute interview.

Building Digital Products for a Healthier World

At Camber we offer a variety of healthcare development services. We design and develop beautiful and intelligent health solutions that inspire providers and their patients. We provided digital healthcare consulting and helped clients create healthcare products in the following categories and more.

  • Patient Learning & Lead Generation
  • Provider Search & Scheduling
  • Provider & Employee Portals
  • Employee Training & Engagement
  • Online & Mail Order Pharmacy
  • Insurance & Benefits
  • Research & Clinical Trials
  • Emergency First Response
  • Telemedicine & On Demand Services
  • Wearables

Technical Capabilities 

HIPAA-Compliant Web Apps, Mobile Apps & Websites: We design and develop applications to help patients manage their healthcare needs and providers manage their practice. From storing and organizing health records to scheduling appointments, we will develop the tools needed to guarantee a positive patient experience.

Automation Tools for Clinical & Back-Office: We can help you set up the digital tools and software solutions you need to run your medical practice with ease. From managing billing and insurance claims to helping you manage your supply chain, communications, and on-demand practice, we will give you the foundation you need to streamline your operations.

Custom Software Development: We develop the software infrastructure needed to streamline the operations associated with the health tech and the healthcare system at large. From prescription tracking capabilities to on demand medicine and clinical content management, our team has the expertise required to build solutions that satisfy patient, pharmacy, team member, and provider needs.

Microsoft Power Platform: With Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and more tools at your fingertips, you can focus on what really matters: improving the health of your community. Our Microsoft Power Platform Solutions will help you do this by helping you optimize tools that meet your needs. You can analyze data and run reports with the power of Power BI—a cloud-based service that makes it easy for you to visualize information in graphs and charts for better decision-making. And with Power Automate, you'll be able to build custom workflows based on specific needs—allowing you to automate repetitive tasks so that your team can focus on more important things like patient care!

Provider Search Solutions: We can build custom provider search solutions to help you find the best providers for your patients. Investing in the right provider search solutions enables you to streamline the provider search process and get better results for your patients.

Office 365 Solutions: Office 365 is the most secure and reliable cloud solution on the market, and it's the best way to get your healthcare organization up and running. Our team of experts can help you set up Sharepoint, Teams, and Chatbots—and we'll work with you to make sure they're customized just for your needs. We'll also help you set up a robust security system that keeps your data safe, so you can focus on what really matters: caring for patients.

API +LDAP Integrations with Legacy Applications: Businesses in the healthcare industry are looking for ways to improve their operations, whether that means reducing costs or improving customer service. And one of the best ways to do that is by adopting a digital transformation strategy—which usually means upgrading your systems and processes to include new technologies like APIs and LDAP integrations. We've helped many companies make this transition over the years, and we'd love to help you too! 

EMR Integrations and Extension Apps: Our EMR software development services are designed to help you streamline your workflow and cut costs, while also getting the most out of your EMR system. We develop custom software solutions that integrate with your existing EMR systems, including EMR integrations and extension apps. Whether you want to create new data flows or improve existing ones, we can help you build an integration that works for you. We can also create extension apps to meet the unique needs of your business such as solutions for patient engagement or care coordination. 

Specialized Technologies 

Healthcare Compliance

One of the most challenging aspects of digital design and development in the healthcare sector is ensuring that your solution functions within the bounds of all security requirements. At Camber Creative, our team is at the forefront of technological innovation in the healthcare space and can ensure your product satisfies all facets of security compliance. 

HIPAA:  We’ll make sure that your digital product meets standards for data protection and privacy put in place by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

EHR:  We can help you meet compliance requirements surrounding Electronic Health Records. EHRs are an important way to ensure technological alignment and cooperation between organizations and healthcare providers.

FDA: Certain healthcare technologies need to go through the FDA approval process. When developing your product, we’ll help you understand whether FDA approval is required and help you reach this important product milestone.

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