Real Estate

We specialize in designing and developing real estate solutions to increase your bottom line, reduce costs, and automate time-consuming processes.

Our team at Camber Creative believes that technology should be used to make the real estate industry more efficient, transparent, and accessible to everyone. Our goal is to make your business better, easier to manage, and more robust. We have a long history of working with businesses—including real estate agents, property managers, and others—to create software that makes them more efficient.

Whether you're looking for technology solutions to streamline your business operations or are interested in developing a new app to change the way the industry operates, we have the technology and expertise to help you. Our real estate technology solutions will make your business more efficient, effective, and profitable.

Building Real Estate Software for a Developed World

We're a team of software engineers and product managers who believe that technology solutions can be used to make the real estate sector more innovative and efficient.

We design and develop software solutions for real estate agents, developers, and brokers, making it easier for them to do their jobs better. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone in the real estate industry to work more efficiently, so they can focus on what matters: helping people find their dream homes.

Areas of Expertise

Smart Technology: We create custom solutions to make it easier for people looking for homes to find them faster and easier than ever before.

Virtual Reality Solutions: With virtual reality, we can help you enable prospective home buyers to experience a property before they buy it.

Augmented Reality Solutions: Instead of creating a fully imagined world for buyers, we can help you use computer graphics to show home buyers how they can "augment" or add onto the current physical space to aid in their home purchasing decisions.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions: With custom AI agents, we can help you improve customer service by providing clients with more relevant information based on their browsing history or previous interactions with agents.

Geolocation Tools: With custom geolocation tools, we can help agents see which properties are nearby so they can find more buyers or sellers who might be interested in their services and help clients find properties near where they work or live.

Process Automation: We can help you build custom solutions to automate processes such as valuing a home without having to manually enter details like square footage and number of bedrooms. 

Online Listing Management Systems: We can set up and customize your OLMS to enable you to manage listings, properties, and clients on the go.


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