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An industry-leading app for tracking cryptocurrency prices, market news, and alerts.
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The Crypto App is an all-in-one crypto platform for tracking wallet portfolios, market trends, and crypto news.

The Need

The Crypto App’s team approached Camber with several core needs to expand on their existing application. Having already built a successful application with a large global following, The Crypto App team needed to better understand the sustainability of their platform, both from a technical scalability perspective and an overall UX/UI design perspective.

Having already acknowledged bandwidth and user activity trends, The Crypto App team needed to ensure that their platform would continue to operate smoothly for their user base as they continued to expand their reach. To aid in this expansion, The Crypto App team also needed to modernize their user interface to meet and exceed competitors’ aesthetics while maintaining their own tools.

The Crypto App selected Camber Creative to perform technical and design audits, leading into a design overhaul of their existing Android and iOS applications.


  • Providing non-obtrusive and quality of life updates to a large established user-base
  • Reconfiguring existing feature sets to apply user experience improvements with little to no functional impact
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks and providing efficiency solutions
  • Operating with minimal copy changes due to heavy localization needs, supporting several language options
  • Creating an aesthetically pleasing visualization for an inherently data-rich environment
  • Coordinating a redesign of applications in tandem with new feature development in the existing application and brand design system

Our Role

As The Crypto App’s selected design and engineering partner, we provided full technical and design audit services. We did a deep dive of the existing codebase and infrastructure, determining that the initial product they had offered and sustained to this point was well made, resulting in only minor efficiency and bug improvements. This allowed a majority of development efforts to be focused on the overhaul of the design of the applications, as functionally the application was looking to be maintained as-is, with some new features added onto the existing foundational codebase.

We then created a fully refreshed user experience, updating and clarifying a dated user interface that many have come to know and love as “developer art.” This build included:

  • Full restyling of both light and dark mode layouts
  • A rebranded aesthetic design system meeting a new look and feel for the overall product
  • Reorganizing and redesign of platform elements for usability and readability
  • Preparing a new portfolio feature design and frontend implementation
  • Designing an updated widget availability and frontend implementation
  • Expansion of “pro” feature set availability within the applications
  • Designing a new onboarding experience for the application
  • And much more

The Crypto App, Reimagined

The first iteration of The Crypto App’s product was a success on many fronts, only needing support to validate that fact and to build upon said successful infrastructure and foundation to modernize the user experience and user interface. Our audit process provided this validation and offered a path in which The Crypto App could focus on the design of their application to improve its overall brand.

Our redesign gave The Crypto App a modern look and feel to accompany its new brand image with overall improvements to the experience and functionality provided to its users. All the features users love for keeping track of their portfolios were maintained and enhanced further while maintaining a strong and stable backend infrastructure built to handle large volumes of users in a very active space.

Learn more at The Crypto App.

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