Stripe + BigCommerce

Uniting Stripe with BigCommerce to develop a sound open-source foundation, allowing for merchant magic-making.
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Stripe is the internet's preeminent payment infrastructure provider, preferred by developers the world over. BigCommerce is the most trusted commerce solution provider, according to Forrester.

The Need

Teams from Stripe and BigCommerce sought a software development partner to create open-source starter projects leveraging both Stripe's best-in-class technology for recurring subscription billing and Point of Sale (POS) systems and BigCommerce's industry-leading eCommerce technology. Customers would get out-of-the-box functionality and integration between BigCommerce and Stripe, allowing them to significantly reduce the development time necessary to enable these features for their businesses.


  • Providing a standardized, low-code solution for BigCommerce customers to deploy subscription billing for their eCommerce store
  • Creating a similar low-code solution for BigCommerce customers to deploy a retail Point of Sale (POS) solution to meet the day to day demands of businesses with physical storefronts

Our Role

Camber collaborated with teams from both Stripe and BigCommerce to develop open-source foundation projects for subscription billing and retail Point of Sale on BigCommerce. Each foundation project leverages the BigCommerce headless API. The BigCommerce foundation for subscription billing features an out-of-the-box integration with Stripe Billing, and the BigCommerce foundation for Point of Sale includes out-of-the-box integration with Stripe Terminal.

The BigCommerce foundation app for subscription billing with Stripe Billing can be found in BigCommerce's open-source GitHub repository here, and the BigCommerce foundation for Point of Sale with Stripe Terminal can be found here. BigCommerce also provides setup documentation and guides for the subscription billing foundation here.

Strengthening the BigCommerce Community

The collaboration on the build of the POS and Subscription solutions to BigCommerce's open-source directory provided a unique opportunity to foster a sense of community in the software services space.

The solutions themselves function as a foundation to readily deploy POS and Subscription services for merchants that simply want to use them as-is. However, their open-source and collaborative nature has set the stage for the open-source software community to contribute and grow these foundations organically.

The more that customers use these foundations, the more it will directly influence the growth of both the solutions themselves and BigCommerce and Stripe service offerings more broadly.


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