Photo kiosk software for experiential brand marketing and personal events–used by some of the world’s most largest brands.
A man is seen in a dimly lit party venue setting, interacting with a Movebooth Photo Kiosk with an iPad and soft glowing ring light.
Movebooth logo.
Movebooth is a digital photo activation platform and hardware selfie station used by some of the biggest brands in the world at some of the biggest events in the world. They offer a turn-key solution for brands and experiential agencies to create and run a selfie station with a completely customized end-user experience that is inherently viral for social media sharing.

The Need

Movebooth was co-founded by our very own Founder & CEO, and has been designed, built, and sustained with Camber since before its first activation.

Movebooth needed Camber's expertise as a full-service Portfolio Partner to not only design and build their first release, but to see them through a long strategic roadmap including product strategy, design and prototyping, app and web development, and audience & revenue services.


Movebooth needed their solution to be extremely robust to deal with unpredictable conditions "in the field," such as high concurrent use and spotty internet connectivity (a common nightmare for event operators in both crowded and remote event locations).

They also needed the activation to be customizable by event operators on-the-fly so that each activation was very unique, but still within the concept of a "selfie station" experience.

And finally, it needed to be a world-class experience that would work just as well for experienced enterprise event professionals with their own technical and graphics teams as it could for non-technical clients who would love a personalized selfie station for their wedding or parties.

A laptop shows Movebooth's online dashboard displaying settings and a preview of what those settings will look like on the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad. An iPad also shows the Movebooth Photo Booth App displaying those exact settings.

A Delightful Experience

Event guests love making moves and memories with the Movebooth app at selfie stations around the country. They can make 4-picture GIF loops, 1-second "boomerang" GIFs, still photos, or 15-second "story" videos with audio, then share their images straight to their phone via text message, email, or twitter. Instant gratification ftw!

Perfect for Brand or Bride

Not everyone who wants Movebooth comes with their own logo graphics in tow. We helped Movebooth create a dedicated app experience called Memento by Movebooth, which offers a logo generator and color scheme picker so that brides and other private event clients can create a truly personalized photo booth experience for their event in minutes with no technical or design skills required.

Robust by Nature

Everything about the Movebooth experience has been built to withstand unpredictable circumstances in the field. The kiosk mobile app features offline-first functionality, continuing to take pictures and collect sharing instructions for each one, even while the network slows down or disconnects completely.

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