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COVID-19 Workforce Redistribution

Using Microsoft Enterprise Services to redistribute a large healthcare workforce to handle COVID-19 surges.
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AdventHealth is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare organizations in the United States serving more than 5 million patients annually with over 80,000 employees at 45 hospital campuses across 10 states.

The Need

As an existing Microsoft Enterprise customer, AdventHealth wasn't using the full scope of their Microsoft Enterprise products, but rather the bare minimum out-of-the-box capabilities. This resulted in a number of issues, including lax security protocols, unauthorized data changes, poor error handling, and slow response times. The team was also still bogged down with manual processes such as data uploads, staff communications, and analog team scheduling. They tapped Camber Creative to optimize their Microsoft 365 technology stack and build a custom app to manage hospital surges, mass testing, and staffing challenges.

A Challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic roared onto the scene, AdventHealth quickly realized they needed new solutions to redistribute their team and address unexpected operational challenges associated with their pandemic response and the rapidly evolving workplace realities for many employees.

Our Solution

In just four days, Camber Creative worked with Digital Workplace leadership at AdventHealth in a cross-departmental effort to develop a Microsoft Enterprise Services app that effectively and efficiently redistributed AdventHealth's workforce to handle COVID-19 surges.

Our Microsoft Enterprise Experts identified the opportunity to utilize AdventHealth's existing Microsoft Services, and built a solution to easily handle, analyze, and automate the data AdventHealth needed to make fluid and strategic decisions.

This allowed AdventHealth not only to overcome operational challenges, but also to move their large healthcare operation quickly with an industry-leading response to COVID-19 impacts.

This new app scaled to allow AdventHealth to deploy mass COVID-19 testing and opened up critical capabilities to schedule shifts during hospital surges. Staff now have access to a dashboard where they can assign cases, manage workload, add notes, view previous history, notify HR after case completion, and enroll sick employees into their remote patient monitoring system, Vivify.

To boot, AdventHealth already owned a license to all the necessary Microsoft Enterprise Services required, and incurred $0 in incremental license fees as a result.

In the News

AdventHealth CEO Terry Shaw appeared on CBS's Face the Nation to talk about the healthcare organization's COVID-19 response and readiness for the anticipated peak case load. Hear Mr. Shaw speak about AdventHealth's capabilities, capacity, and plans to combat COVID-19 across their multi-state operations–including a mention of the application we built with his Digital Workplace team–in this 6 minute interview.

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