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InvestorFuse CRM Platform

Increasing sales and reducing lead follow up time with intelligent automation.
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InvestorFuse is a leader in the software-as-a-service space for real estate investors and real estate investment management.

The Need

The InvestorFuse team are experts in lead follow up to maximize sales while reducing the amount of time spent manually nurturing leads. By the time they engaged Camber, they had already turned their knowledge into a very popular paid subscription product built upon a third-party automation platform.

While the user experience they were able to offer via the third-party platform created tremendous value for their customers, InvestorFuse sought to create a more refined user experience for their customers' specific needs across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, design a modern user interface, and reduce dependency upon the third-party platform for their long-term product roadmap.

InvestorFuse selected Camber Creative as their Portfolio Partner to overhaul their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform experience from the ground-up.

  • Users faced with task overload, with no clear way of determining the priority of what to do next
  • A steep learning curve to understand not only how to use InvestorFuse, but also the third-party app on which it was built
  • Complex context rules for recommended next action engine: what should the next task be? who on my team should complete it? when should they do it?
  • Desire for low-touch, but highly personalized automated lead communication across multiple communication methods
Our Solution

As InvestorFuse's Portfolio Partner, we provided full-service product strategy, design, development, and sustainment services.

We created an all-new user experience that eliminated distraction and focused users on their highest-value activities, with a proprietary Software-as-a-Service infrastructure, eliminating third-party platform dependencies and laying the foundation for InvestorFuse's long-term product development and growth. This build included:

  • automation intelligent task prioritization based on lead stage, lead motivation, last task completed, time since last task, and more
  • personalized lead communication relayed through company email addresses and phone numbers
  • preset proven follow-up sequences and a custom sequence builder for automated email and text message correspondence with leads
  • team onboarding with preset and custom team member "roles" that can be used in the task engine to automatically assign tasks to the right person
  • complete directory of contacts and deals with statuses and analytics for comprehensive CRM deal flow functionality
  • responsive web based interface for users to manage their teams, leads, tasks, and automations comfortably on laptop, desktop, or mobile
  • "login as" functionality for InvestorFuse staff to provide world-class support to their customers
  • and so much more
Closing Leads Without Thinking About It

The original InvestorFuse product was built on top of a third-party system with very little ability to customize the user experience and user interface. As a result, users had to not only understand that system's structure really well, but also InvestorFuse's unique implementation of that system. This resulted in a lot of generic navigation, features, and options that were not relevant to InvestorFuse users and a complicated onboarding process.

Our InvestorFuse redesign aimed not only to strip away the unnecessary components of the user experience, but to go even further towards the goal of helping users do exactly the right thing at the right time to close deals almost effortlessly. Intelligent, opinionated automation helped achieve this goal.

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