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AdventHealth Rx Plus Pharmacy

Improving pharmacy patient self-service for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S.
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AdventHealth is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare organizations in the United States serving more than 5 million patients annually with over 80,000 employees at 45 hospital campuses across 10 states.

The Need

Rx Plus Pharmacy, AdventHealth’s internal mail order pharmacy, required a complete overhaul of the digital prescription management experience they offered to patients.

The old patient dashboard offered patients the ability to register and refill orders, however, it was missing a number of critical features for patients, such as:

  • a mobile-friendly user experience
  • seamless new user onboarding and registrations
  • dosage, refill eligibility dates, and authorized refills remaining
  • transfer prescriptions to Rx Plus Pharmacy
  • dynamic shipping options with variable pricing
  • send notes to pharmacy staff with order

A Challenge

The Rx Plus Pharmacy patient dashboard needed to operate seamlessly with the specialized pharmacy management software that powered the entire pharmacy operation at Rx Plus. This type of integration is typically enabled by an Application Programming Interface (API), which allows our engineers to reliably send data to and make requests from the third-party software in pre-defined ways.

In this case, the pharmacy management software did not offer an API, making it much more challenging to navigate the need to securely and reliably move data between the patient dashboard and the back-office pharmacy software to register patients, create new orders, display existing order statuses, and more.

Our Solution

We started with a design sprint to assess patient and pharmacy needs as well as identifying pain points in Rx Plus Pharmacy’s operations. Our team rapidly developed prototypes to demonstrate potential user-centered solutions before heavily investing in development.

During our functionality and software audit, we found that we could collaborate with the pharmacy management software provider to create new stored procedures that would allow us to securely interact with their software.

This approach allowed us to design and build an all-new, mobile responsive patient dashboard to meet every user and business need we set out to fulfill.

Friendly. And Mobile.

Camber Creative not only seamlessly integrated Rx Plus Pharmacy’s patient dashboard experience across platforms, we also gave their customers the ability to take care of more of their needs with only a few taps.

Rx Plus Pharmacy’s friendly and approachable brand image has now carried over to their patient dashboard, allowing users to order refills, request transfers, add other patients under their care, and manage profile settings such as payment methods and addresses, all from their phone.

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