Twitter Takeovers: Web3 — The Future or a Passing Fad?

Topher DeRosia
May 17, 2022

The last couple of Twitter Takeovers have discussed elements of “Web3,” but this week, we started at the beginning to talk about everything it entails. I kicked it off with this question:

Which fostered some really great responses:

This lead to another question, though:

With these results:

Something else that I’ve been curious about is the security and reliability of web3. Back in the 90s we had Usenet, which was a non-centralized network, similar in theory to web3. Things there “couldn’t be removed” from the internet. And yet, now the entire network is gone. Could this happen to web3?

The answers were helpful, reflecting that the more nodes there are, the harder it is to delete things.

While I appreciate that the more nodes there are, the more secure it is, Usenet is still gone. I’ll be curious to see if it lasts 10+ years.

I really like Aaron’s perspective that web3 is simply a whole new set of tools and protocols, like we had in the 90s. That means that anyone can set up a server and take part, much like we did back then. Of course, if everyone sets their stuff up on AWS or Google, and those go down, we’re not much better off.

The future is a murky thing, so we’ll see where it goes!

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