Coffee Chats: Meet Erik Jenks

Jenna Rodrigues
November 12, 2021

Name: Erik Jenks

Title: Software Developer

Describe your role: I am a software developer at Camber who specializes in Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework. I tend to work on backend development and APIs for our clients.

Where are you located? Hershey, PA (yes, the chocolate town)

What do you like best about working at Camber? Hands down the best part of working at Camber is the team of people that I get to interact with. The team at Camber is collaborative, creative, and fun. They find elegant solutions to unique problems and craft well written code.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: Before breaking into the software development world, I taught various martial arts as a profession. I have trained in multiple martial arts disciplines since the age of three and hold black belt rank in 5 different styles.

Favorite Camber moment: Optimizing the Movebooth API to run more efficiently and seeing the product be used at large events run by NBA teams, hospital systems, and theme parks.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about writing clean and maintainable code, the Ruby programming language (it’s not as dead as the internet would make you think), my children, the outdoors, food, and dachshunds.

What types of projects did you work on before finding Camber? Before working with Camber I worked as a software engineer at a startup called Practice which was later acquired by Instructure, the company behind the Canvas LMS. During my time at Instructure I started working as a software development team manager working on the Bridge product. We worked to provide a learning platform for our corporate clients.

What do you like to do for fun? I tend to pick up new hobbies frequently. My current obsession is learning how to blacksmith. Outside of my newest hobby of the month I like to spend time reading, camping, surfing, and training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I spend a lot of my free time with my wife and two children, usually chasing them around or playing barbies.

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