Reasons to Use WordPress to Build Your Next Website

As one of the top content management systems, WordPress is used by approximately 37.6% of all websites, has captured 63.6% of CMS market share, and hosts about 24 billion pages each month.
As one of the top content management systems, WordPress is used by approximately 37.6% of all websites, has captured 63.6% of CMS market share, and hosts about 24 billion pages each month. It has become much more than a blogging platform, serving as a full service site builder and content management system that users can download and install free of charge. With several other content management systems on the market, it is important to consider the positives and negatives of each platform before deciding which to use as the foundation for your company’s website. 

Here are a few instances where you might consider using WordPress to build your next website:

Focus on Content Creation: If you are planning to consistently publish new content or focus extensively on content marketing, WordPress will be a great fit. The platform has built-in blogging capabilities that allow you to add blog posts to your website and automate uploads such that recent blog content automatically gets shared to your home page. WordPress has sufficient commenting capabilities that will allow users to interact with your content.

Human Capital Constraints: One of the central benefits of WordPress is that it is easy for non-technical employees to upload and publish new content without having to be fully reliant on developers. It allows non-technical team members that have experience using word processing software to make small adjustments to the site and publish content without developer assistance.

Frequent Iterations: This CMS is a strong fit if you are looking to make frequent iterations. It has a very user-friendly interface, allowing administrators to rapidly make changes to website design and publish new content so that you can present your users with an advanced experience and up-to-date content.

Various Types of Content: WordPress is set up to host several different types of content, such as text, audio and video files. It is a suitable CMS to use if you are looking to push out diverse types of content to users. 

Time Constraints: If you are in a time crunch, WordPress allows you to get your website up and running within as little as one day. With a web hosting account and domain name, you can download WordPress for free and quickly leverage a basic template to get your site set up quickly. There is always the potential to make advancements down the line if you initially build out your site to work within the time constraints of the business.

In Transition: You may consider using WordPress if your company is in transition and you do not intend to maintain the same development team throughout the longevity of your company’s development. This is the case for two reasons. First, due to WordPress’s extensive market share, many developers have experience working on the platform. This makes it easy for new developers to pick up where your old team members left off. Second, the open-source nature of the content management system  has led several developers to become invested in the progression of the CMS, which has driven an extensive pool of online content and message boards. This makes it easy for new development staff or contractors to fill in any gaps through interacting with online WordPress communities in the case of a human capital transition.

Team of Writers: WordPress allows you to assign diverse roles and access levels to different individuals working as part of your team to publish content on the platform and shape the site experience. This makes the platform extremely suitable for a team of writers who are responsible for uploading and publishing unique content to the site. This eliminates the need to get all content approved by one manager and then pass it on to the developer on your team to publish.

Limited Resources: If you are a new startup considering testing a new website-driven idea, WordPress is a financially lean way to devise a proof of concept. WordPress is free to download and has several templates that you can use to test your concept and begin attracting users to the site without spending a ton of money on development costs. As you begin to obtain traction, you can always upgrade to a premium template and leverage some of the many WordPress plugins to begin devising a more custom and sophisticated user experience. Beyond the number of available designers and developers that exist in the WordPress network, one of the most advantageous aspects of WordPress is the massive number of both free and paid themes and plugins that provide a vast array of easy to use layouts, features, and functionalities. 

Diverse User Base: If you build your site using WordPress, it will be easily adaptable in the sense that the experience will adjust to whichever technological device users access it from. WordPress sites look great on mobile and can be very secure when the site is carefully constructed and well-maintained.

Rapid Growth: The CMS also allows you to quickly scale the quantity of published content on your site and can help you rapidly adapt the look, feel and functionality of your site based on your changing business needs. Several of the largest, most trafficked web-driven brands use WordPress. With proper development, site tuning, and a hosting partner, WordPress can handle any amount of site traffic.

While WordPress is a universally desirable content management system as a result of its ease of use, availability of themes and plugins, low cost, and content-hosting capacity, it is a particularly suitable option if you are working under financial or human capital constraints, are an entrepreneur looking to go between developers and test a new idea, or are managing a dynamic content calendar with a large team of writers. If you are looking for assistance in building out or enhancing your WordPress site, Camber Creative can help! Our talented team has a refined history of success in the WordPress space, and we are eager to make your WordPress site our next success story.


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