Ten of the Biggest Reasons Users Delete Mobile Apps

People love to install apps on their smartphones. In fact, the number of app downloads worldwide in 2020 is estimated to be a staggering 281 billion.
People love to install apps on their smartphones. In fact, the number of app downloads worldwide in 2020 is estimated to be a staggering 281 billion.

However, just because a user installs your app doesn’t mean the app will stay on their phone for long. While uninstall rates vary by app category, statistics show that 31.2% of productivity apps, for example, are uninstalled by the user in fewer than 30 days.

So, Why Do Users Delete Mobile Apps?

If you’re an app developer or a business with an app, it’s essential to understand the cause of mobile app churn so you can improve retention rates. Here are ten of the most common reasons your app may not last on a user’s phone for very long.

1. Invasive Ads

Advertising is not inherently a bad thing. After all, app developers deserve to be paid for their work, and in-app ads are a common source of revenue. What is, however, a fatal flaw is when the advertisements hurt the user experience. Ads that are too frequent or video ads with no option to skip are sure to push many users to remove the offending app.

2. Battery Hogs

Our phones are critical tools that help to run our day-to-day lives. As such, battery life is a precious resource that a well-built application should not waste in excess. If a user finds that their battery is being devoured by your app, it won’t last on their device for long.

3. The Behemoth App

An app that is not optimally designed is prone to have a large footprint. The typical smartphone user tends to fill the available space on their phones quickly. And when storage space runs out, it means users need to go on a deleting spree to free up those valuable megabytes. Apps that take up massive amounts of space will be first on the chopping block.

4. Notifications to the Max

While it is true that both iOS and Android have notification settings to limit which apps can deliver notifications, most users either do not know how or do not want to take the time to do this. Furthermore, they may want to receive notifications from an app but are overwhelmed by their frequency.

A notification for important updates is acceptable, but if a user of your app receives a dozen non-critical notifications per day, they will promptly send your notification factory into the trash.

5. Clunky User Interface

A mobile app should have a UI that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The average user will not continue using an application if it slows them down due to a poorly designed interface.

6. Competitor Apps

Both the Google Play Store and the App Store on iOS are inundated with millions of apps. Chances are high that several other apps aim to accomplish the same goal as yours. Users often download similar apps to test them out, then keep just one and uninstall the others.

7. Your App is Just Not Interesting

Your app may just not be that interesting. If there are dozens of apps that are virtually identical to yours, why should users choose your version? Having unique ideas is critical.

8. Unfixed Bugs

Bugs are unavoidable in software development. Even the greatest programmers to walk the Earth release software with bugs. The key, however, is being sure to stay up to date and push out updates to fix your bugs after they are discovered. Otherwise, your app is nothing more than a bug to be exterminated on the user’s phone.

9. Complicated Sign-Up Process

Consumers don’t want to waste their time with lengthy sign-up processes. An app should require only the most basic information to get started. A sign-up process that asks for too much detail not only wastes the user’s time, but they may be suspicious about why you want to know so much about them.

10. Privacy Concerns

The average smartphone user is becoming more and more aware of the issues surrounding online privacy. If your app collects too much user data, you risk being swiftly removed from their devices.

Camber Creative Can Help

Users install apps for many reasons. They also delete mobile apps for many reasons. Fortunately, Camber Creative knows what it takes to create a must-have app that is likely to remain on a user’s phone.

We can help you strategize, design, and develop your app. You can find all of the nitty-gritty details on the official Camber Creative website.


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