5 Reasons You Should Work With a Development Agency to Optimize Your App's Performance

Learn how working with a development agency can foster a successful app launch.
Just having a professional website used to be sufficient for a business to develop its online presence. However, statistics show that nearly 60% of web traffic is on mobile devices in 2022. Because of this, it’s become more important than ever to also have a mobile app for your business. Sure, your customers could always navigate to your responsively designed website in their mobile browsers, but a native iOS or Android app provides a more convenient user experience.

So how should you go about getting your mobile app built? You could always hire a freelancer, and they may do good work. They also may produce a buggy app with slow performance. Instead, you should work with a professional app development agency to ensure your app is both well-designed and developed for optimal performance.

Why is an agency better for performance optimization? We’ve got five good reasons.

1. Agencies Remain Up-to-date On New Technologies

App development tech is always advancing. Using the most recent development tools, methods, and libraries plays a significant role in making an app perform quickly and efficiently. Keeping up with all of these industry changes is nearly impossible for a single developer.

A professional app development agency has the bandwidth to keep up with the rapidly changing app development industry. This is something that is simply too much for any single freelance developer to handle.

2. Agencies Have More Experience

Even if you hire a solo developer with a decade of app development experience, it pales in comparison to the cumulative experience of a professional development team. Agencies hire talented developers that can each bring their past experience with app optimization to the table, and this combined experience allows for a more polished product.

There is also a significant difference between Android and iOS app development. You also need a team that can weigh the pros and cons of a native app or a hybrid app. Regardless of what you choose, a business needs to have an app for both iOS and Android to satisfy all of its customers. 

Becoming adept at optimizing an app for either platform is challenging, and becoming an expert at both is a massive undertaking. This can only be achieved by employing a team of experienced developers with deep knowledge of both platforms.

3. User Testing Requires a Professional Team

An app can only be properly optimized if it is thoroughly tested through all phases of the development cycle. Unit testing and user testing not only help identify bugs in an app during development, but they can also identify areas where performance seems to be an issue.

A solo app developer is at a disadvantage when it comes to testing, as they don’t have a team to rely on. If the only person testing the app as it’s being developed is a single developer, it’s highly unlikely that all of the bugs and performance issues will be detected. This requires the type of team that development agencies have at their disposal.

4. App Development Teams Offer Multiple Perspectives

When you work with an agency to develop your app, you gain the benefit of having a team with different experiences and perspectives. As each individual on the team has their specializations and experience with various technologies, you get access to a widely varied collection of viewpoints.

These multiple perspectives can help cover more ground when it comes to tightening up an app’s performance. If one team member has never come across an issue that is causing your app to lag while performing a particular task, chances are another member of the team has solved that very issue in the past.

5. Specialized Skills are Critical

There are a lot of different elements to consider when building an app, and each of them requires specialized skills and knowledge. For example, UI//UX design requires a very specific skill set, while building an API requires a completely different set of skills. It is asking a lot for a single developer to be an expert in both of these areas, in addition to all the other aspects of building a performance-optimized app.

But when you hire an agency, you’ll have experts with very specific skills to handle each of the different aspects of your project. 

Your Mobile App is Too Important to Leave in Inexperienced Hands

For many of your customers, a mobile app is their preferred method of interacting with your company. Not having one is a missed opportunity, but having a poorly developed and unoptimized mobile app can be even worse. The quality of your app will often affect a customer's opinion of your company, whether that is fair or not.

If you need a well-designed mobile app that provides optimal performance and a world-class user experience, trust the team at Camber Creative. We have years of experience and a group of supremely talented app developers at our disposal.


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