Music to Code By: Camber Edition

What does our team listen to when they code or work? Take a look and a listen.
Not all engineers work the same. Some hole up for the duration of a project, with only caffeine and a prayer to move them through their days. Others schedule timed breaks for sunshine and a healthy-ish snack (legend has it, anyway). The real question here is what do they even listen to whilst coding? We posed the question to our team and were pleasantly surprised by their answers (*ahem* Taylor Swift). Take a read, and maybe even a listen below in this edition of “Music to Code By”.

LoFi Hip-Hop Beats Playlist

Iconic. Super chill. And being streamed by almost 34,000 people at the time of this publication, LoFi Beats on YouTube is our Site Reliability Engineer, Kevin Finley’s, go-to while coding. We stan.

This Eclectic & Multi-Dimensional Playlist

Our CEO/Founder, Brice Gramm, sent a lot of songs over for this prompt, so we went ahead and compiled them into a Spotify playlist! Big fans of Sevdaliza over here, her music videos and musical style are pure art.

Game Soundtrack, anyone?

We’re really diggin’ the Tunic game soundtrack and chill acoustic rock playlists via Spotify that Ryan Smith, our Director of Operations & Client Success sent over. We envision perfect lines of code to these beats.

Background TV Noise

We all have one or two colleagues who prefer background TV noise as opposed to musical sounds. At Camber, that’s Stephanie Roy, Senior Project Manager.

The Music Man is a Toro y Moi Fan

Chris Sobray is our resident music-enthusiast, going to concerts and shows almost every week, and he’s also one of our Product Managers. His playlist is short and sweet with a good mix of soothing sounds. It’s a good day when Chris drops a music recommendation, so enjoy his playlist!

Get Funky, Habibi

While I don’t code (though I have always wanted to learn!) I felt it appropriate to drop some of my favorites to listen to while working - and writing blogs! Habibi Funk is a SWANA (Southwest Asia North Africa) DJ by the same name who archives vintage SWANA funk, disco, jazz, etc. from parts of the world’s most underrated cultural music hubs. Enjoy one of my favorite playlists of his below.

In Music We Trust

While the tunes and sounds on this list are as magical and versatile as the team at Camber Creative, there’s no “wrong” way to code or to go about your workdays, as long as you’re having a good time. So, what’s your favorite in this write up? What do you prefer to listen to while coding? Drop us a comment!


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Heading 6

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