Microsoft Enterprise Solutions: The Secret to Organizational Transformation

Microsoft Enterprise Solutions provides IT solutions to help companies achieve their technical and operational goals.The suite of MES services includes cloud solutions, mobility, procurement, managed services, digital workspace, and virtualization.

What is Microsoft Enterprise Solutions?

Microsoft Enterprise Solutions provides IT solutions to help companies achieve their technical and operational goals. The suite of MES services includes cloud solutions, mobility, procurement, managed services, digital workspace, and virtualization. Adopting Microsoft Enterprise Solutions can help organizations to transform the workplace and reach their full business potential. Today’s global economy moves at lightning speed and demands that businesses constantly evolve to keep up with technological innovations. This means enabling teams with on-demand secure solutions that they can access from anywhere — all day, every day.

The Problem

Rather than utilizing the full scope of Microsoft products, many companies are just using the bare minimum out of the box functionalities. This underutilization can present several challenges for organizations such as delayed response time, weak security protocols, unauthorized data changes, and substantial errors without systems in place to manage them.

Specifically in the healthcare industry, COVID is placing an extensive strain on organizations to operate at peak capacity. This requires leaders to ensure that their technology stack keeps up with the pace of organizational evolution. Many companies have the capacity to more extensively leverage their Microsoft 365 tech stack for purposes such as building custom apps to manage surges in customer demand, staffing shortages, and rapid operational adjustments.

Through only utilizing the Microsoft 365 technology stack at partial capacity, employees are unnecessarily bogged down with manual logistics and processes such as data uploads, staff communications, and analog team scheduling. When systems are lagging, crises such as COVID only heighten organizational stressors. This hinders the capacity of the organization to adequately serve their customer base while adapting to the change required for survival by the external shock.

How Camber Creative Can Help!

Investing in more fully leveraging your Microsoft 365 stack can be just what your organization needs to rapidly redeploy human capital resources internally and to resolve existing business stressors. Our Camber Creative Microsoft Experts are here to help with every phase of your project from problem definition to product development and ongoing managed services. We can assist with custom app development, cloud migrations, expedited deployments and assessments of your current configuration.

We work across the entire suite of Microsoft Enterprise products to ensure seamless end-to-end integration and to leverage the full power of the Microsoft technology stack for your project. Our Microsoft Enterprise experts will work with you to customize a solution to help you to scale your business and address the unique challenges impacting your bottom line.

We can help your team to figure out how to utilize existing contracted Microsoft services to easily handle, analyze, and automate data to enhance leaders’ capacity to make fluid and strategic decisions. Capitalizing on underutilized resources is a great way to help your company overcome extant challenges while adapting to the rapidly changing COVID landscape.

Through working with our Camber Creative Microsoft Enterprise experts, you have the potential to:

  1. Diagnose the root cause of your organization’s operational issues

2. Automate and streamline processes that are currently manual

3. Tackle several organizational stressors

4. Adapt quickly to COVID-induced organizational change

5. Get more out of the Microsoft products that you are already paying for

6. Redeploy human capital and other resources internally

7. Turn out of the box functionalities into custom solutions

8. Improve customer response time

9. Enhance security protocols

10. Improve employee communication and scheduling logistics


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