How to Write an Effective Mobile App Description for the App Store

Read our comprehensive list of 17 tips to write a bangin' app store description for your mobile app.
You built a mobile app—congrats! But now what? You must attract users to download your app, starting with a converting App Store product page. While it's important to optimize the various components on the listing—including the app name, subtitle, app preview, and categories—the app description will take up most of the real estate. So what makes a great description that'll boost downloads? Let's take a look:

17 Tips For Writing an Effective App Store Product Description

Apple App Store has a 4,000-character limit for app descriptions. Use the space wisely to tell visitors about the unique features they'd find most relevant, the value you bring to the table, and what challenges you solve for users. Here are some best practices to help you optimize your app store listing's description:

1. Start with a Bang

People who land on your app store page will only see the first three lines of the app description until they click "more." Your opener must speak to your target audience's pain points, communicate your unique value proposition, and be enticing enough so visitors will want to learn more. 

2. Highlight Features and Functionalities

After you have grabbed visitors' attention with a concise and informative opening, follow up with a shortlist of features to tell users what makes your app unique and why they'll love it. Focus on how these features will deliver benefits and results that your customers want and use terminologies they can relate to and understand.

3. Project a Consistent Brand Image

The voice and tone of your app description should align with your overall brand image to build trust and create a seamless customer experience. For example, users are more likely to download the app if they come from your social media posts or website landing page and see consistent verbiage and graphic elements in your app store listing.

4. Add Social Proof

If you have received positive reviews and accolades from users and influencers, mention them at the end of your description or include them in your promotional text. Leveraging word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to build trust and increase downloads, especially when you need to gain traction with a small budget.

5. Localize Your App Description

If you have users in different countries, consider localizing your app description to make it more relevant and relatable. Localization is more than translation—besides writing the copy in your audience's native language, you must address cultural nuances and incorporate local references to make your description sing.

6. Don't Include Pricing Information

Pricing is already shown on the product page and may differ for users in different regions. Plus, it'd become outdated if you update your pricing structure but forget to adjust the description—creating confusion that could impact your conversion rates.

7. Tap Into Sentiments and Emotions

Most consumers make purchasing decisions based on emotions. Your app description should make users feel good about using your product or buying from your brand. Help them imagine the feeling and relief when using your app to achieve their goals or solve a challenge.

8. Include Keywords, But in Moderation

Using relevant keywords can help you get found by your target audience, but stuffing your app description with unnecessary ones could result in the App Store rejecting your listing. Not to mention, irrelevant keywords can confuse visitors, making them less likely to download your app.

9. Have a Compelling Call-to-action (CTA)

Your visitors have read through your app description—of course, they're ready to hit the download button. Or are they? Don't lose the momentum now! Wrap up your copy with a CTA that reiterates the problem your app solves and the benefits of downloading your app to prompt visitors to take action.

10. Keep Your App Description Short and Sweet

Most people prefer simple product descriptions, so keep your copy concise. Use your target audience's language and avoid technical terms that could make the content hard to skim. Cut to the chase and highlight the most critical features but don't over-describe all the minor details.

11. Include Screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words, so don't forget to add compelling visuals to your app listing. The first screenshot should show what your app does. Use attractive images that will leave a good impression. Also, add screenshots of positive comments and reviews from existing users to build trust.

12. Update the Description To Boost Credibility

Update the app description to include download numbers, show the awards you have won, mention it got featured on the app store, or highlight positive reviews from influencers as you gain traction. Sharing these updates can help you achieve instant credibility and drive conversions.

13. Include Information About In-app Purchases

If your app includes in-app purchases or subscriptions, you must have the information in the app description for Apple to approve your listing. For example, you should provide an overview of the subscription model (e.g., monthly or yearly) and how the payment will be processed (e.g., charged to the user's iTunes account.)

14. Format Your Text for Readability

Most people will be viewing your listing on a smartphone, which doesn't have a big screen. Format your text and test it on different devices to ensure that you're not greeting users with a wall of text. Break up the content into short paragraphs and use bullets when appropriate to make the content easy to scan.

15. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Like you, your competitors constantly respond to your target audience's needs. Their app descriptions can give you insights into what's hot among your ideal users. While you shouldn't be a copycat, knowing how your competitors are pivoting can give you insights into how the market is trending.

16. Test and Improve Your App Description

Do you know what the ideal app description length is for your audience, how to strike a balance between technical features and emotional benefits, and what CTA will drive the most conversions? Instead of guessing what might work best, run A/B tests to validate assumptions. Testing your copy can help you fine-tune your app description and increase downloads.

17. Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Refining your app store listing is an ongoing effort, and measuring the right KPIs can help you focus on improvements that'll level up your bottom line. Besides the number of downloads, you should track active users, retention rates, in-app conversion rates, and customer lifetime value (CLTV.)

Mobile App Marketing Shouldn't Be an Afterthought

There's a lot to consider when writing an app description. But if you have a revenue strategy to guide your planning, design, and development process, you should have the insights you need to write a compelling description.

That's why we incorporate an audience & revenue model in our digital product strategy, design, and development services to ensure that we deliver results at every stage of the product life cycle, from inception to long-term sustainment and business growth.

Get in touch to see how we can help ensure that your app reaches your target audience, meets their needs, and generates revenue for your business.


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