Coffee Chats: Meet Luis Banegas Saybe

I am a software developer working on both back-end APIs and front-end web projects for Camber’s clients.
Name: Luis Banegas Saybe

Title: Software Developer

Describe your role: I am a software developer working on both back-end APIs and front-end web projects for Camber’s clients. My Architecture & DevOps specialization is in Jamstack, MVC frameworks, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps Engine, Terraform, Netlify, Gitlab CI, Github CI, and Travis CI.

I also specialize in front-end web development (HTML, CSS, JS with React, Gatsby, Redux, Angular), back-end development (JS with Node), and APIs (Swagger API documentation, Postman API testing and monitoring, and Custom REST API design and development).

At Camber, I have worked on building the front-end for a real estate app and for a talent match application, and developing a vaccination reconciliation dashboard for one of our clients.

Where are you located? Palm Bay, FL

Where did you study? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Central Florida.

What do you like best about working at Camber? I like having the freedom to work without having to be micromanaged.

Before working at Camber Creative, Luis Banegas Saybe worked on IOS app development.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: It was and still is my life long dream to write and illustrate graphic novels.

Favorite Camber moment: Delivering the Talent Match app for AdventHealth, which is an internal employee app to match employee skills, certifications, and availabilities to open shifts across the healthcare system. This solution was rapidly developed to enable the large healthcare system to redeploy employees to areas with increased caseload due to COVID-19, and ensure high quality care wherever and whenever it was needed.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about the Korean language and classical guitar.

What types of projects did you work on before finding Camber? Before joining Camber, I created a grammar guide for Korean language learners and a native iOS and macOS app to help Korean learners study vocabulary.

What do you like to do for fun? I like to study foreign languages, practice classical guitar, and write free applications for Korean language learners.


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