Coffee Chats: Meet Joe Bushey

Learn more about the Senior Engagement Manager at Camber Creative: Joe Bushey.

Name: Joe Bushey

Title: Senior Engagement Manager

Describe your role:   I act as a visible, senior leader where I take ownership of the client's success  journey from pre-sales to go-live and beyond. I manage any escalations, ensuring client satisfaction. I’m a connection point between partners and the delivery team. I’m a trusted advisor to client partners, ensuring they receive significant business value from their investments with Camber Creative. In short, I’m responsible for managing the client experience. 

Where are you located? I live in Lexington, South Carolina.

Where did you study and how did you get started in the field? I'm entirely self taught in software engineering and product development. I started writing real-world business software applications 30 years ago. I was "discovered" by a technology company after writing a back office software platform for quick service restaurants. I would say that is when my career truly kicked off about 27 years ago. 

I went on to start multiple successful businesses which I led as the CEO for about 20 years. One of these businesses developed enterprise solutions for some of the world's most established brands. I believe my hands-on experience crafting products for ~20% of the top 100 global brands and countless others throughout my career has been a significant asset to the enterprise clients I have worked with.

What do you like best about working at Camber? I love solving problems. The more complex the problem, the better. I get a real kick out of "Mission Impossible" tier problems and working with clients to find a way.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:  I have walked on hot coals with Tony Robbins. It was quite an experience.

Favorite Camber moment: We had a key enterprise client come to us desperate for help due to the impact from COVID on staffing. It was shaping up to be a "staffing emergency" if we couldn't work out a solution quickly to help speed up the process to assess employees so they could return to work if eligible. I successfully delivered a solution in collaboration with their team in a matter of days, not weeks. This solution has helped thousands of employees return to work faster, and the crisis was averted.

What are you passionate about?  I'm passionate about helping young people who are disadvantaged or considered "at risk." This includes foster youth, homeless youth, etc. I helped organize a charity called "The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative" based on the book "My Orange Duffel Bag." I was the inaugural Board Chair and have continued for over 10 years with the organization in various roles. We have provided life coaching to thousands of youth, and I have seen first hand the incredible impact the coaching has on their lives.

I have two beautiful girls, ages 3 and 5, and a wonderful wife. If there's fun and adventure, it's with the family for sure. I enjoy almost any beach. I love fishing. I also love gaming with role playing adventure games, but it's a rare treat. I take some time off from time to time just to slay dragons and such.

What drew you to join the Camber Creative team? I'm an entrepreneur at heart and felt Camber was a dynamic, entrepreneurial company with a bright future. Brice, our CEO, reminds me a lot of myself. He even got started about the same age as I did. So, in short, I'm a big fan of the leadership team and believe in Camber.


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