Coffee Chats: Meet Carla Shaw

I am responsible for growth initiatives at the intersection of sales and marketing to drive growth for Camber Creative and Camber’s clients.
Name: Carla Shaw

Title: Vice President, Growth & Client Success

Describe your role: I am responsible for growth initiatives at the intersection of sales and marketing to drive growth for Camber Creative and Camber’s clients. In addition to leading Camber’s internal sales and marketing efforts, I help Camber’s clients to articulate their product vision and develop product roadmaps that drive profits and reduce costs.

Carla Shaw is oversees growth initiatives at Camber Creative.

Where are you located? Myrtle Beach, SC

Where did you study? I have an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University.

What attracted you to Camber? Camber Creative embodies a spirit of innovation and collaboration. Working with top-tier talent with deep technical expertise pushes me to continuously up my game and push the envelope. At Camber we are at the forefront of new technologies and innovation. This means we get to work with clients who are breaking new ground or perfecting and making old systems stronger. I enjoy the creative problem solving process and taking BIG ideas and turning them into tangible products.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I skipped my high school graduation ceremony to move to NYC to become an actress.

Carla Shaw leads the internal sales and marketing efforts of Camber Creative

Favorite Camber moment: Working with the Camber crew and cross-pollinating ideas every day. The entire team has a sharp wit and playful spirit that makes solutioning fun. So I don’t have a favorite moment but rather MANY favorites!

What are you passionate about? Travel & food, space travel & exploration, rescuing cats, empowering young female business professionals to do their best work, exploring art and music. And most importantly my fam. I have a plucky 21-year old daughter who likes to explore with me and keeps me forever young.

What types of projects did you work on before finding Camber? I have been lucky enough to work on a diverse range of projects both international and domestic. I have led strategic engagements on every continent except for Antarctica — and I hope to add that to my list one day. So I have a tremendous backlog of amazing projects and really great stories to tell. But one special project I enjoyed recently was consulting with the leadership of a large East Coast advertising firm to develop a roadmap for their new digital marketing division which included monetization strategy, staffing, identifying software solution partners for Martech (Paid, SEO, Social & CRM) and implementing the client delivery operations.

What do you like to do for fun? I like to travel, try new foods and wine, discover new music, try to paint my masterpiece and check out new shows on Netflix. Sometimes it’s hard to remember life before Covid.


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