Coffee Chats: Meet Aliya Al-Balooshi

I am the strategic silly goose behind Camber’s social channels which to-date has been my favorite social media to oversee.
Name: Aliya Al-Balooshi

Title: A&R Strategist

Describe your role: I am the strategic silly goose behind Camber’s social channels — which to-date has been my favorite social media to oversee. My time at Camber is fairly new but I anticipate growing beyond brand social and working with some of our wonderful clients soon!

What types of projects have you worked on at Camber? So far, I’ve performed a holistic audit of Camber’s social media channels and implemented strategic decisions based on my findings. This includes creating dedicated content pillars, posting schedules based on best practices, and dialing in the analytical portion of managing social.

Where are you located? Sunny San Diego, California 😎☀️

Where did you study? I originally went to school for theatre but independent film actress wasn’t in the cards for me. As luck would have it, I found my niche within digital marketing and am almost entirely self-taught (in addition to having an amazing mentor by my side).

What do you like best about working at Camber? The work is meaningful and the Camber team is stellar. I’ve enjoyed engaging with everyone on such a casual and personal level. The asynchronous nature of the job is innovative and makes having a true work/life balance so much more achievable. Sometimes I feel more creative at night or on weekends, not necessarily within a 9–5 time frame so the flexibility is great. I also enjoy that everyone has a voice and gets a seat at the table. In my experience this is pretty rare for our industry.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I lived with my mom in my father’s home country of Bahrain for about a year when I was a kid. A truly unforgettable experience! I plan on going back to visit my family in 2022 🤞.

Favorite Camber moment: Asking the engineering team for tech-related memes for social and being flooded with humor! I understood most of them, but some were a little too technical for me to grasp. Every time I engage with the team, they’re always so helpful and down to clown — which is important when managing brand social as a distributed team!

What are you passionate about? I really love digital marketing. The technical aspect is fascinating and being able to marry creativity with science and revenue is so rad. Aside from work-related passion, I am very passionate about film — I am the film nerd of my friend group and have a mental rolodex of actors and films you may have never heard of 😉.

What types of projects did you work on before finding Camber? The successful launch of 6 new websites for a hospitality company, management of 8 brands on social media at one time (in the middle of the pandemic — phew), and leveling up social media strategy for 8 hotels and a few ancillary outlets, to name a few! I’m looking forward to adding Camber projects to this list in time.

What do you like to do for fun? I love to watch films and write conversational reviews on said films (general musings and essays as well). I enjoy practicing yoga, trying out new cooking and baking recipes for my loved ones, monthly book club with my two best friends (LOVE reading and have a habit of buying books like they’re going out of style😅), attempting to garden, and kicking it with my tuxedo cat, Wednesday!


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