Calling All Apps: The Camber Creative Team's Fave Apps of the Moment

From time management and weather to gardening and investing - there is an app for pretty much everything in 2022. Read our team's absolute favorites.
Sure, we receive countless requests to build mobile apps of a vast variety: from foodie and realtor applications to healthcare and meditation apps. But does anyone ever ask the Digital Product Agency what their favorite digital products are?

We hit the streets (the Slack streets, that is) to find out what mobile apps have our team coming back for more.

Brice Gramm — CEO/Very Cool Bossman

CARROT Weather App

“CARROT Weather has reigned at the top of my personal charts for a long time. It’s my daily weather app of record.

Not only is it a master class in great design, customizability, and build polish, but it also is imbued with a tremendous amount of unexpected personality and delight.

A screen capture of a salty weather app displaying near-perfect weather in San Diego, California.
CARROT Weather app and all its salty glory.

The app is constantly updated with things that make it fun to open it each and every day. Things you wouldn’t expect from a weather app (or any other kind of utility app for that matter).

From the written/spoken welcome messages that are often relevant to memes or news from THAT DAY to a feature that lets you record your own funny weather reports as if you are the local news’ meteorologist or one that lets you explore a global weather map to find historical places of interest based on a clue, this app is just chock full of delight.”

Our Take:

Delightful is right! CARROT Weather provides just the right amount of humorous one-sided snarky banter with a healthy dose of helpful information and fun to be had. 10/10 will continue opening the weather app that’s yet to be beat, even by the likes of Apple.

Stephanie Roy — Senior Project Manager/Cat-Herder

Linear App

“My favorite app at the moment is the Linear app. I’m fairly new to Camber, so learning Linear has come with the new position, but I’m finding it easy to use and seamless in keeping projects moving to completion.”

Screen capture of the Linear app displays tasks and helpful time management.
The ever-helpful Linear app dashboard.

Our Take:

We are no stranger to the Linear app and the straight-up magic it yields in keeping pace with ever-moving/ever-changing projects. Definitely a Project Manager’s bestie!

Aliya Al-Balooshi — Audience & Revenue Strategist II, Community/Wannabe Plant-Mom

Blossom App

Screen capture of the perfect anti-plant murdering app: Blossom app
Un-murder your plants with the Blossom app.

“My favorite at the moment is the Blossom app! It helps me keep my 12 indoor house plants organized, fertilized, watered appropriately, and helps identify mystery plants that I pick up from my neighborhood group.

You can also diagnose plant problems which is SO helpful for those who aren’t as naturally gifted with a green thumb, such as myself. With an influx in plant people emerging in the pandemic, this app is a must for, ya know,… keeping your newfound hobbies alive.”

Our Take (again):

Totally unbiased opinion here, but we think the Blossom app is straight up rad. If you have even one plant that needs a little extra TLC, download it. You won’t regret a thing!

Ryan Smith — Director, Operations & Client Success/Time Wizard


“timeBro is great! It tracks my activity without being invasive or having me think twice about my privacy. The app integrates with Harvest app, which we use company-wide, so it stays detailed and tracked in real time.”

Screen capture of super helpful and integrated time management app, timeBro
Keep time on your side with the timeBro app.

Our Take:

We LOVE an integrated app. With a ton of time-tracking apps in the market, each offering something a little different, we love timeBro for being as flexible as it is secure and the ultimate assist for day-to-day action items.

Screen capture of trader data via the Acorns app.
Investing isn’t just for boomers and crypto nerds.

Chris Sobray — Product Manager/Crypto-Investor


“I personally really like the Acorns app which allows you to easily set up recurring deposits in different types of investment accounts and easily round up transactions on an attached account to also be invested.

The app itself is very elegant and simplistic and not overwhelming for a first-time user. The interface is consistent and interactive with nice animations but not enough to distract from the core experience. I’ve been very intimidated with investing previously but for anyone who wants a ‘hands off’ approach with a very easy to use experience with little ramp up, I’d definitely recommend this app.”

Our Take:

While we are Robinhood users, we very much appreciate the ease of use and very little intimidation that comes with using the Acorns app. The features that allow an individual to set up for retirement or invest in their little one’s future are big pluses!

Get Downloading

In true Camber Creative fashion, our team jives on a variety of mobile apps that bring a little something extra to everyday living. Be it cryptocurrency investing, plant or time organization, or a talking weather app, we’re always on the lookout for new, innovative apps to gather inspo or add a little ease of use to our lives. Want to see what kind of apps we’ve built or have an idea for something innovative? Come check us out. Let us know if you dig any of the apps we mentioned and drop your app suggestions in the comments below!


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