10 Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence Impacting Our Daily Lives

AI has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Most of us use some form of AI-based technology daily without giving it a second thought.
The rise of artificial intelligence is upon us. Kubrick tried to warn us about the dangers of AI in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Fortunately, HAL 9000 and its turn to evil remain in the world of sci-fi. Today’s real-life AI is far more pleasant and useful.
Still, AI has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Most of us use some form of AI-based technology daily without giving it a second thought. Our phones have AI-driven voice assistants in them, and that’s just one of the use cases of artificial technology that impact our lives.

We’ll take a look at ten of these use cases here.

1. AI Voice Assistants

We already touched on the use of AI-powered voice assistants in smartphones, but it really is the most obvious case. So it had to be mentioned. Also, these voice assistants aren’t just on our phones. They’re in smart speakers–such as the Amazon Echo and HomePod mini–and they’re in many other connected devices. My refrigerator even has an Alexa built into it.

2. Social Media Curation

Most people spend at least some time every day on social media. Some may say we spend too much time on it. This happens because our feeds are a non-stop scrolling wall of things that we like to see.

And why do these social media platforms know exactly what to put in front of us to hold our attention? That’s right, it is AI behind the scenes analyzing the data to decide exactly what to add to the top of our social media feeds.

3. Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular. The smart home space is one of the biggest use cases for AI which is seeing tremendous upward momentum. Recent data indicates that 43% of households in the U.S. have at least one smart home device.

These smart devices do more than just obey our commands. They learn our preferences and make decisions. For example, smart thermostats learn your preferred temperature and automatically adjust themselves based on the time of day and whether or not you are home.

4. Netflix Learns What You Like

Whenever you watch something on Netflix–or any of the other dozens of streaming services–you provide data on your viewing habits. These video streaming applications have AI on the backend that uses this data to make suggestions for similar content you may like.

5. Face Recognition Software

Face recognition has become popular in recent years. The most obvious use case is to unlock your phone or authenticate when logging into apps. When you first set up these face recognition security features, you provide images of your face. A powerful AI then samples many data points from those images so that it can accurately recognize your mug every time you look at your phone.

6. Self-Driving Cars

While fully self-driving cars aren’t quite ready yet, they are in development at Tesla. In the meantime, we do have a scaled-back version on many vehicles in the form of assisted steering and parking. These vehicles have many sensors that supply an AI engine with large amounts of data. The AI processes this data to make fast, real-time decisions. These features help drivers steer the vehicle when cruising at highway speeds or when sweating out a parallel parking situation.

7. Navigation Apps

On the surface, a navigation app seems pretty basic. It shows you a map, uses your location data to provide your location on the map, and provides directions from point A to point B. However, there are loads of extra features in these apps that are highly dependent on AI.

For example, these apps take user-generated traffic and accident information into account. With this data, they can provide a shockingly accurate delay estimate. If an exceptionally long delay is estimated, the AI can even use this information to determine the best possible alternate route to your destination.

8. App and Website Chatbots

The inclusion of AI chatbots is one of the most common UX trends for apps and websites. Rather than making customers wait for an available support representative, companies are choosing to include an AI chatbot on their websites. This greatly enhances the user experience by providing quick, easy answers to support inquiries.

9. Autocorrect

Anyone who has used a modern smartphone or word processor application is sure to be familiar with autocorrect. What we may not realize, though, is that beneath the surface, autocorrect is AI.

Autocorrection has become highly accurate, and it’s all thanks to AI algorithms.

10. Image Editing Software

AI is an important tool in modern graphic design software. Rather than manually performing tedious tasks, such as removing the background from an image, today’s graphic artists have access to AI-driven tools to automatically detect and remove image backgrounds. It doesn’t stop at backgrounds, though. AI algorithms are also used for many adjustments that rely on object edge detection.

You Don’t Have to Be a Tech Revolutionary to Build an AI Solution

It’s becoming increasingly common to incorporate some form of AI into all types of technology. This may be something as simple as a chatbot on your website, or as complex as a perfect face recognition AI. Regardless of the use case, machine learning and AI can be extremely beneficial to a company and its customers.

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