7 Ways You Could Be Using Slack More Effectively to Improve Your Team’s Internal Communication

Learn about the 7 Ways You Could Be Using Slack More Effectively to Improve Your Team’s Internal Communication.
Engaged employees are more likely to become brand ambassadors, attracting more customers and contributing to the business’s bottom line. Organizations with a highly engaged team outperform their peers and achieve 21% percent greater profitability.

Whether you’re planning to boost your team’s performance or rethinking the entire company structure, a clear and responsive communication tool is a must-have. After all, the way employees communicate with each other internally is the core of how any business operates.

Like any communication tool, Slack works better when used with care. Here are seven ways you can improve your team’s internal communication using Slack tools and integrations.

Using Channels to Communicate Effectively

Ensuring that employees know what is happening in the organization is important to ensure everything runs smoothly. Slack has a worldwide #announcements channel for each department and many small teams. The role of internal communications in these channels includes guidelines for sharing content on the channel, rules of engagement, and effective ways to monitor company-wide feedback. The #exec-ama (Ask Me Anything) channels are also effective for employees who want to ask questions to any senior executive.

Narrow Your Search Results to Find What You Want

With critical information spread across various files and emails, it can be difficult to find and keep track of everything you need to get your work done. This may affect your productivity.

You can use the intuitive, searchable channels on Slack to find files, messages, people, and channels with the click of a button. Use filters and modifiers on Slack to narrow down to the specific information you need. You can also save files and messages you often reference so that they’re easy to access. Alternatively, you can create help channels for certain topics that users frequently ask and pin key information to the top of them.

Making Your Content as Engaging as Possible

You might be used to the common text messaging to get information across your team. With Slack, you can get more creative with your team by taking advantage of podcasts, GIFs, slide decks, and other visuals. Slack also allows you to leave comments, ask questions, and even react to how your content is being consumed. Sharing more useful content also fosters more direct communication with your team.

Increasing Employee Survey Participation to Get Feedback

To better understand how you can improve your team’s communication, you need to gather feedback and act on it. Getting feedback from your team and acting on it is important to foster an engaging workplace culture and environment.

Slack offers the necessary tools to conduct surveys to help identify potential areas for improvement. You can conduct pulse surveys or even large-scale feedback exercises with Slack to better understand how people are feeling within your organization. By listening to your team and sharing discussions, you can collaborate better.

Appreciating and Recognizing Your Team

When employees feel appreciated and valued, they’re more likely to put more effort into their work to achieve the company’s objectives, help others to succeed, and even remain at the company longer.

Slack allows you to create a dedicated channel like #kudos or #congratulations to appreciate and congratulate employees. You can add co-workers to these channels and tag them so that they get notified when you feature them. Wait for the emoji reactions and comments to follow.

Collaboration with Multiple Team Members

Slack supports teamwork through real-time conversations in channels. Here, teams can create chat rooms on any subject and gather to talk, share key information, and troubleshoot issues.

Slack’s mobile app allows channels to be accessible virtually from anywhere, allowing remote workers and teams to communicate more frequently and stay in the loop.

Seamless Integration

The constant switching between apps can be time consuming.

Slack apps integration and workflow automation allow you to connect with your team and complete tasks without leaving your workspace. If you’re using Slack for business, you get plenty of integration options with:

• Project management tools (Jira, Asana, Trello)

• Calendar apps (Google Calendar, Outlook)

• Video conferencing tools (Zoom, RingCentral)

• Employee management tools (TINYpulse, OfficeVibe)

• Collaboration tools (Google Drive, Box, and more)

These apps make it easy to quickly find, share, and act on key information by creating a central place to use these apps and get work done effectively and efficiently.

If you’re using Slack in your business, these tips will help turn one-way employee communication into all-inclusive collaboration while improving overall team engagement.

If you’re feeling stuck and struggling to develop an effective communication strategy for your organization, contact our team to help point you in the right direction.


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