Why Camber?

We make products that matter.

We're people helping people make products that matter and enrich lives. Our principles are the guardrails for everything that we do, and we seek client collaborators who share them.
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Principles First

We believe in principles-oriented development.

We do what we do to enrich the lives of all the people our work touches, including our team, our clients, and our users. Our principles are the guardrails for everything we do.

Our Principles

Principles are the guardrails for our process.

Principles define the "why" of everything that we do. If a process doesn't serve our principles, reevaluate it, change it, or remove it altogether.

We are people serving people. Relationships are everything.

Start by hiring a team of not just skilled technicians, but deeply good human beings–because you can't pour from an empty cup. Then treat every client, team, and collaborator relationship with humility, respect, and transparency, and look out for their best interests. We make the same recommendations to our clients that we would do ourselves if their business were ours. Simple.

With great power comes great responsibility.

We are a team of highly-experienced professionals, and we act like it. We want our subject matter experts to flex their skill mastery in their own way every day. Align every task to an intended outcome, and favor accountability over process obedience to maximize collective outcomes. After all, we will only succeed or fail together in our goal to make products that matter to our clients, their users, and our team.

What we do can't be done in a silo.

Creating great solutions to complex problems requires excellent collaboration. Each subject matter expert must participate in the approach, make their own commitments, have a plan, communicate transparently and frequently, be humble, be helpful, be kind, and be awesome.

Communication is hard. Let's give each other a little grace.

Healthy communication is critically important to great teamwork, and it requires dedicated effort–especially in an all-remote, asynchronous first team. As the recipient of any communication, assume positive intent on behalf of the sender. As the sender, assume that the worst interpretation of what you say will be received, and endeavor to convey your positive intent at all times.

Pursue the simplest effective solution to achieve an outcome.

This often requires absorbing a large amount of context, distilling a problem down to its first principles and desired outcomes, and synthesizing the simplest effective solution. We can't allow the perfect to be the enemy of the great.

"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Airman's Odyssey

Show is better than tell.

As the adage goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." We favor showing off work over just talking about it.

Do what you say you will, and then some.

Aim to set expectations that you believe you can not only meet, but that you can exceed. But at minimum, always meet the expectations that you set.

Value-Based Approach

We aim to give you the best value. Period.

We place relentless focus on your business and your users to guide you towards the optimal value for your investment at every stage of the product lifecycle.
Feature Value Framework
Building the right thing in the right way at the right time is one of the most challenging aspects of digital product development. Our Feature Value Framework helps us look at each feature and approach through qualitative and quantitative measures of value, so that effort and money are always focused on high-value activities.
Product Team
We build product teams consisting of a Client Stakeholder, Product Manager, Subject-matter Experts, and Sponsor. While Subject-matter Experts may come and go along with the changing needs of your product, your Product Manager and Sponsor remain constant to ensure that the tribal knowledge and relationship you build with Camber carry a common strategic thread through your entire engagement with us.
Skateboard Method
We build small, complete solutions on a continuous basis. It's a combination of these small solutions, built intelligently with the long-term roadmap in mind, which creates a robust and releasable product. Though simple, the skateboard is a complete solution which offers real-world value. It's a foundation to provide more and better value as the solution evolves over time.

All-Expert Team

We're thinkers, tinkerers, builders, and misfits.

With Camber, you always get exactly the expertise you need, right when you need it. We do serious work... without taking ourselves too seriously.
Meet the Team

A Highly-Tuned Process

We're never finished trying to outdo ourselves.

We work in two-week cycles. Each cycle involves every discipline required to build great digital products. Our cross-disciplinary, rapid-cycle method focuses on doing just enough of everything, just in time. As a result, we are able to deliver small batches of complete, value-adding features early and often.
When we're consulting about a feature or product, we are primarily concerned with justifying the effort to do anything at all. We are starting with a strong "why" to avoid building solutions in search of problems.

Focus Areas

  • What is the business purpose?
  • Who are the users?
  • What are their unmet needs/wants?
  • How might we solve those?
  • What is the business value in trying to solve it?
  • How does it fit your purpose?
In Planning, we add substance, approaches, and estimates to the ideas worth pursuing. We write actionable specifications, analyze each feature qualitatively and quantitatively, apply our Feature Value Framework to find an optimal focus point, and propose the best technical approach and budget based on objectives and constraints.

Focus Areas

  • What set of features should constitute the next release?
  • How much user value is attached to these features?
  • What constraints should we operate within?
  • What's the most effective and efficient way to build this?
  • How much effort and budget will be required?
When a feature shows promise, we move to visualize the solution. User flows, screen maps, wireframes, and high fidelity prototypes all help to tell the story visually. We deliver interactive prototypes that feel close to real, but without the investment of a full build-out, to allow for a final validation from stakeholders and prospective users before committing to the build.

Focus Areas

  • How should this feature work from the user's perspective?
  • How should this feature look?
  • Is this feature easy to learn and delightful to use?
  • How will users find the feature intuitively?
  • Is this feature accessible?
  • How will we support the user with this feature, if they need it?
When we have a great feature on deck with a validated design and prototype, we build proven, industry standard infrastructure and code to bring it to life. We enforce best practices in every part of your build, so you can always count on a well-structured and well-supported solution with scale and security in mind.

Focus Areas

  • What is the most prudent approach to developing this solution?
  • Which complete features can we deliver in a two-week cycle?
  • How can we architect this to be secure, performant, and scalable?
  • How can we best release new features and value early and often?
Digital products are not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. They require regular sustainment in the form of training and support documentation, dependency and security updates, bug fixes, feature improvements, and audience & revenue strategy and campaigns. We care after your business as if it were our own.

Focus Areas

  • Do internal stakeholders know how to use this?
  • What new features have our users requested most?
  • What bugs have users reported, and what is the impact of each?
  • Is the system status healthy?
  • Are we reaching potential new users and speaking to their needs?
  • Are there any dependency updates on the horizon?

Client Satisfaction

We're all about relationships and results.

It's R&R, but not the kind you're thinking. We don't just bring on projects, we bring on relationships. And we work hard to create the great results which make them last.
"I haven't found another team that can deliver like Camber. The ROI is consistently great."
“Camber has been instrumental in our project successes. The business outcomes are terrific.”

Imagine what you could do with a team like this.

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