Twitter Takeovers: A Conversation About Creative Commons

Topher DeRosia
March 30, 2022

Last week’s Twitter Takeover was about Creative Commons, which allows a person creating the media to decide what other people can do with that media.

Using Creative Commons Licensed Media

One of my very first questions was whether or not designers are using Creative Commons licensed media these days, and the answers were similar, but the reasons varied.

Releasing Creative Commons Licensed Media

The other side of the coin of using media is releasing it. I asked if any of our readers had released anything. Stephanie from Flightless mentioned she releases things, but doesn’t bother giving them any license.

I think the key to releasing CC content is to make it easy to do so.

When uploading to Flickr, it simply asks you what license you want. When uploading to the #WPPhotos project, you know that ALL images are CC0.

In WordPress, there are some excellent plugins to help with releasing content. My favorite is Creative Commons Post Republisher, which is used on WP-Wallpaper.


What I learned in this conversation is that finding quality images is more difficult than it should be, and even then there’s uncertainty about the power of the license at its foundation. I’ll be working with Zack from Openverse to see what we can do about fixing some of those issues.

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