Coffee Chats: Meet Jenna Rodrigues

Jenna Rodrigues
May 21, 2021

Name: Jenna Rodrigues

Title: Senior A&R Strategist

Describe your role: In my role at Camber, I work on several aspects of the company’s internal marketing efforts across channels. I’ve played a leading role in shaping the company’s content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing strategies. I write social content across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn on a daily basis, write content for our website, write content and establish send logic for our automated email lead nurture series and email newsletter, and have written several articles for our internal blog. I have also worked on client facing A&R efforts to help customers establish their go-to-market strategy and assess how they can shape and improve their marketing strategy to reach their audience and revenue goals.

Where are you located? Westfield, NJ

Where did you study? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Princeton University and am pursuing my PhD in Management from the University of Connecticut. I also have certifications in Google Ads Apps, Google Ads Measurement, Google Analytics, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Search, Google Ads Video, and Google Ads Shopping.

What attracted you to Camber? I like that my work at Camber is very entrepreneurial and that I am building skills associated with getting marketing channels set up from scratch. I like that my work is both strategic and tactical and that I get to work on a variety of different internal projects on a weekly basis. I also love the asynchronous nature of the work, as it allows me to do the work at times when I feel the most productive, while still remaining accountable to the work that I am doing through the daily stand-ups. I also really like working with the team, as I feel that everyone is an expert at what they specialize in here.

At Camber, Jenna works on internal marketing strategy as well as client-facing A&R.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I was once on the Cheerios box.

Favorite Camber moment: I get excited every time a new marketing channel goes live. It was exciting to see our first blog post published, our first email newsletter go out, etc. It has also been exciting to see the website content improve significantly and our presence growing over time on social media.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about entrepreneurship, as I love trying to identify problems and working to build solutions that will one day improve the lives of those around me. I am passionate about marketing and particularly interested in how to get a product into the hands of those who could benefit from it the most.

Jenna takes part in shaping Camber’s company’s content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing strategies.

What types of projects did you work on before finding Camber? I was previously the Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy at State Bags, where I led the company’s strategic marketing efforts across several marketing channels, conducted marketing, sales, and referrals analyses to drive product sales, explored repeat purchasing patterns to bolster cross-selling, and performed extensive regression analyses to better understand consumer purchasing patterns and how consumers interact with the website. I also restructured an education technology company previously, where I worked closely with the CEO on various aspects of the restructuring process, with a focus on internal operations, human capital development, business development, and client relations. At Genius Education, I optimized the flow of inbound client support requests and implemented an internal training program.

What do you like to do for fun? I like to travel, play and coach volleyball, and act.

What is the nature of your day-to-day work at Camber? I primarily work on Camber’s internal market efforts tied to lead generation across content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. I write content for the website, the blog, social channels, and our automated email series and newsletter. I assist with developing our internal marketing strategy and on ad hoc sales ops projects as needed.

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