Coffee Chats: Meet Fredrick Gabelmann

Jenna Rodrigues
February 11, 2022

Name: Fredrick Gabelmann

Title: Senior Software Engineer

Describe your role: I am an engineer that provides native mobile development, cloud native development, engineering and architecture professional services.

Where are you located? Central Texas

Where did you study? I have a BS in Software Architecture from Capella University and an MS in Software Engineering from Arizona State University. I also am an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

What do you like best about working at Camber? I very much enjoy the flexibility that Camber provides me to work on a variety of projects across different domains. I have the ability to stay connected to a diverse array of industry skill sets.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I drive race cars :)

Favorite Camber moment: All of my moments at Camber are my favorite!

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about decentralized software systems, backend services, microservices, and native mobile development.

What types of projects did you work on before finding Camber? I have worked on a variety of large enterprise systems for both the government sector and commercial sector.

What do you like to do for fun? Drive race cars!

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